When the Light Stopped


Blackness has been your constant companion. For years you have sat by the road, wallowing in your poverty, wallowing in your blackness. You haven't seen the sun, or a cloud, or a tree, or another human face in years. The blindness has robbed you of your dignity, forcing you into a life of roadside begging and humiliating poverty. Everyday you stumble down to the road and ask for the charity of others, begging for coins from those passing by. A few stop and press a coin into your hand, others curse you as they pass by, nobody likes you. And why should they? You have nothing to offer them. You can't offer friendship, or money, or even a pleasant smile. You're a filthy, dirty, helpless, hopeless beggar. All your days blend together into one, endless, miserable night.

That is until the day The Light comes looking for you. You're sitting by the roadside, pleading for alms, when you hear many voices. A crowd is passing by. Who is it? A king, a dignitary? You call out, "What's happening? Please someone tell me what's happening!"

"It's Jesus of Nazareth," says a voice. "He's coming this way." Jesus of Nazareth! You've heard of this man. He casts out demons, and raises dead people, and even heals the blind. But will he stop for one so lowly as you? Will he take notice of a dirty, blind beggar who has nothing to offer? You can't offer him money, nor can you offer him service. You must throw yourself on his mercy.

"Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me," you scream at the top of your lungs. Over and over you cry out, pleading for the mercy of Jesus. Those in the crowd tell you to shut your mouth, that Jesus isn't interested in beggars, that Jesus has more important things on his mind. Maybe they're right, but your desperation forces you to continue your earsplitting plea for mercy.

Then the crowd is silenced, and you sense a change in the light, as if someone is standing in front of you. Sweet mercy, Jesus has stopped! You hear him say, "What do you want me to do for you?"

With a passion born from years of darkness, you cry out, "Lord, let me recover my sight." Jesus speaks, light floods into your eyes, and you find yourself gazing into the face of mercy itself. Oh what joy fills your heart! After years of darkness, you can see! The King stopped for you, and poured out his mercy on you. Gratefulness, love, and thanksgiving overflow out of your heart. You must follow Jesus, no matter where he goes. He stopped for you, and so you will follow Him. [Taken from Luke 18:35-43]


Do you remember when the Savior stopped for you? Do you remember when Jesus first opened your blind eyes to the glories of the gospel? O what sweet mercy we have received from Jesus. Let us be like this blind beggar, and joyfully follow the one who gave us our sight. Let us rejoice today that The Light came looking for us.

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