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Today we're going to start a series on books that every Christian should read. Reading books is an invaluable part of the Christian life. Books allow us to see Christ through the eyes of other, wiser men and women. They allow us to stand on the shoulders of the saints who have gone before us and to survey our glorious God from a different vantage point. They give new, deep, soul-satisfying insights into the character and nature of our glorious God. If you don't read books by other Christians, start now. You will find your walk with the Lord enriched and you will find your affections for the Lord stirred. Now, on to the books. Today we're looking at books related to the gospel.

Living The Cross Centered Life - C.J. Mahaney
The gospel is to be the centerpiece of every Christian's life. It is to be the source of our joy in God and it defines our very relationship with God. It is the very crux of our theology and gives meaning to every other facet of the Christian life. God doesn't want us to be spiritual gift centered, or spiritual warfare centered, or evangelism centered, or apologetics centered. He wants us to be cross centered and gospel centered. Do you want to be freshly reminded of the glorious gospel and have fresh joy implanted in your heart? Do you want to be free from condemnation and legalism? Do you desire more affections for God? Then read this book! A quote to wet your appetite:

The Bible tells us that, while there are many different callings and many possible areas of service in the kingdom of God, one transcendent truth should define our lives. One simple truth should motivate our work and affect every part of who we are. Christ died for our sins.
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God Is The Gospel - John Piper
This book is a treasure that should be in every Christian's library. In this book Piper makes it clear that the ultimate end of the gospel is not the forgiveness of sins, or a clean conscience, or even an eternity in heaven. The ultimate end of the gospel is God Himself, the all-satisfying Fountain of Life. The gospel brings us into an intimate relationship with God Himself, and this is what makes the gospel truly glorious. God doesn't show His love for us by making much of us. He shows His love for us by giving Himself to us and showing Himself to be glorious in our eyes. Piper says:
The ultimate good of the gospel is seeing and savoring the beauty and value of God. God's wrath and our sin obstruct that vision and that pleasure. You can't see and savor God as supremely satisfying while you are full of rebellion against him and he is full of wrath against you. The removal of this wrath and this rebellion is what the gospel is for. The ultimate aim of the gospel is the display of God's glory and the removal of every obstacle to our seeing it and savoring it as our highest treasure
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