Who Do You Need?


"Take care, brothers, lest there be in any of you an evil, unbelieving heart, leading you to fall away from the living God. But exhort one another every day, as long as it is called "today," that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin." - Hebrews 3:12-13

This passage highlights two questions that we should ask of ourselves:

1) Who do we need to invite into our life? The sad fact is, we won't accurately see and understand our sin apart from the input and correction of others. God has created us in such a way that we need others, and He has ordained that the Christian life be lived out within a community of other Christians. Those who seek to follow God without the help of others are fools, setting themselves up to deceived and hardened by sin. God speaks to us through the insight and wisdom of other believers.

And yet many times we don't invite other Christians into our lives. We don't want their correction and don't desire their help. In fact, when someone brings correction or rebuke, we act offended, irritated that they had the audacity to tell us where we are failing. In our pride we end up being fools. We're like a blind man with a fly swatter. We know sin is there, and we can hear it buzzing around, but we can never quite seem to hit it.

Who do you need to invite into your life today? Are you asking for correction and rebuke from those near to you? Are you aware of your blindness and asking others to help you see?

2) Who do we need to initiate with? Most of us don't like correcting people. It feels awkward, and people don't always respond well. And most of the time we're not even sure if someone is really sinning. We just have some vague thoughts about something that might be sin. I can't count the number of times I have neglected to correct someone because I was afraid of what they might think of me.

But the truth is, scripture calls us to correct others in love. If we truly care about someone and are truly concerned for their soul, we will help them see their sin. If we are passionate about the glory of God, we must initiate correction and rebuke with those around us. It is terribly unloving to leave someone blinded by their sin. And our correction should be marked by humility and gentleness, and always done with the motive of helping someone draw near to the Savior.

So who do you need to initiate correction with today? Who do you need to admonish and encourage today? Who do you need to exhort? If we are to please God, we must invite correction and initiate correction.

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