It Is Finished


"When Jesus had received the sour wine, he said, "It is finished," and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit." - John 19:30

Oh how sweet these words are, like honey to the Christian's soul. No sweeter words have been uttered since our Savior said, "It is finished," while hanging from the cross. May God open our eyes to see all that He has accomplished for us through the cross. Let's ponder these words for a moment.

It is finished. The glorious work of salvation is totally and completely finished. There is absolutely nothing left to do, Jesus did it all. Wrath is satisfied. Jesus fully absorbed the soul-crushing fury of God's wrath towards sin, drinking the cup of God's wrath to the very last drop. For those who trust in Christ, wrath is gone and only mercy remains.

It is finished. God's law is fully satisfied. Jesus obeyed the law to its fullest extent. Every command of God, Jesus obeyed. His thoughts were perfect, His words were perfect, His worship was perfect, His life was perfect. The law can make no claims or accusations against Jesus, for He fulfilled the law. And praise God, the law cannot condemn the Christian either, for Christ is our righteousness.

It is finished. God's righteousness is vindicated. At the cross we see that God is righteous. He doesn't play around with sin or turn a blind eye towards sin. He hates it, despises it, cannot tolerate it in His presence. And because He blazes with righteousness, He must punish sin. At the cross we see the blazing righteousness of God on full display. As the wrath of God overwhelms Jesus it is proof that our God is righteous. The Christian who trusts in Christ is counted righteous as well.

At the cross Jesus completely finished the work of salvation. There is nothing left to be done, no works to be added. We are called to fling ourselves wholeheartedly upon the finished work of Christ, rejecting any self-righteousness as filthy garbage. Have you done that today? Have you freshly placed all your trust in the Savior, or are you trying to smuggle works into your relationship with God? Honor God by rejoicing in the words, "It is finished."

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