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The Puritans weren't just men who wore uncomfortable clothing, used odd words, and shunned dancing. They were men whose hearts were alive with passion for God. They were men who treasured God's word and sought to apply it to every aspect of their lives. They were men who had a deep, sobering reverence for God. They were men we need to spend time with. Here's two books by Puritans that will stir your heart with love for our God.

The Godly Man's Picture - Thomas Watson
Although the title indicates that this book is for men, it is written in such a way that both men and women can and should read it. In this book, Watson seeks to paint a picture of the godly man or woman using nothing but the brush of scripture, and to exhort his readers to strive for godliness. Watson says that a godly man or woman is:

  • A man or woman of knowledge
  • A man or woman fired with love
  • A man or woman careful about the worship of God
  • A man or woman who loves the Word
  • A man or woman of prayer
  • A man or woman of humility
  • A man or woman of thankfulness
  • A man or woman who loves the saints
  • And many other characteristics....
This book breathed fresh life into my soul and kindled a passion for holiness in my heart. If you desire to grow in holiness and to live a God-honoring life, this is a must-read book. Don't be intimidated by the Puritans, learn from them.

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The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment - Jeremiah Burroughs
We live in a world that is full of thoroughly discontent people. They want better jobs, more money, less suffering, more friends, a girlfriend/boyfriend, a husband/wife, a boat, a bigger house, etc. Most people, including many Christians, are convinced that they won't be happy until they have some or all of these things. Jeremiah Burroughs cries out against that mentality, calling Christians to find their deepest joy and contentment in God Himself. Burroughs describes the glories of Christian contentment, the way in which Christ teaches us to be content, the wickedness of complaining, the excuses we make for our discontentment, and the way to a contented soul. Let this quote whet your appetite for more:
If I am contented because I have what I desire, perhaps I am contented in that one thing, but that one thing does not furnish me with contentment in another thing; perhaps I may grow more dainty and nice and froward in other things. If you give children what they want in some things, they grow so much the more coy and dainty and discontented if they cannot have other things that they want. But if I have once overcome my heart, and am contented through the grace of God in my heart, then this makes me content not only in one particular but in general, whatever befalls me.
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Burroughs book is a real treasure. I'd highly recommend it.

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