Spurgeon On Jesus' Thirst


"How great the love that led Him to such a condescension as this! Do not let us forget the infinite distance between the Lord of glory on His throne and the Crucified dried up with thirst. A river of the water of life, pure as crystal, proceeds today out of the throne of God and of the Lamb, and yet once He condescended to say, "I thirst." He is the Lord of fountains and all deeps, but not a cup of cold water was placed to His lips." - Charles Spurgeon, The Power of the Cross of Christ

I can't say it any better than Spurgeon. The Lord of Glory bled and died that I might live forever. He was thirsty so that I might drink from the Fountain of Living Water. He was crushed by His Father that I might be embraced as a son.

Jesus, such wondrous love enthralls us. When we see all that You've done for us, our hearts cry out for joy. When we look upon You hanging from the cross, bleeding and thirsty, struggling for breath, our hearts are melted with love for You. How can we not love You? Your blood spilled upon the ground is overwhelming proof of Your great love for us.

Teach us to love You. Keep us near the cross that our hearts might blaze with love for You.

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What an amazing picture of Christ emptying Himself and becoming weak, in order to give everlasting life to us! He is Almighty God, but humbled Himself because of His great love for us. Wow! Those words from Spurgeon spur me to love the Savior more. The way you explain Scripture is enlighten-ing. God's grace is very evident in this gift! How did I ever get to be married to a guy like you??? Who better to lead our family and point me to Christ?


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