The Secret of Success


"And David had success in all his undertakings, for the LORD was with him." - 1 Samuel 18:14

Our culture loves to celebrate success and to honor those that are successful. If you're a successful businessman and make billion of dollars, you get a TV show where you get to say, "You're fired!" If you have a sweet singing voice, you've got a shot to be the next American (or Canadian, or French, or British) Idol. If you can throw a baseball upwards of 90 m.p.h. you can make seven figures playing a game. It seems that everybody has a chance of succeeding and of being somebody great. And those that do succeed have the right to boast about it, or so our culture says.

But scripture gives us a different perspective on success. Success isn't ultimately the result of working 70 hours a week or spending countless hours in the weight room. Success isn't purely the product of intelligence, or business smarts, or beauty, or money. In scripture we see that success ultimately comes from the Lord. Why was David such a powerful warrior? Why did he always end up on the winning side? How did an insignificant shepherd boy become the greatest king in the history of Israel? How was a sheep farmer transformed into a giant-killer? The answer is clear. David's success was from the Lord.

This has massive implications for our jobs, ministries, hobbies, relationships, athletic endeavors, and creative pursuits. Any success that we experience comes from the Lord as a gift. Christian, are you experiencing success at work? That is from the Lord. Are you performing well on your basketball team? That too is from the Lord. Are you in the midst of particular spiritual blessing at your church? God has been kind to you. Any and all success you are currently experiencing is because of God's unmerited blessing.

Don't let another day go by without stopping to thank the Lord for your success. All that you have accomplished God has done for you. And as you experience success, honor God by continuing to express your dependence on Him.

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