Born In The USA Part 2


Ever thank God that you were born in a nation where we can preach and practice the gospel?

My friend Scott recently traveled to China, where his company is building a plant. The town he visited has no religion of any kind - none. What if you'd been born there? Or what if you'd been born into a Hindu family in India?

But all that I have said is very inconsiderable in comparison with the spiritual mercies and advantages you here enjoy for your souls…Suppose it had been your lot to have fallen in any of those vast continents possessed by pagans and heathens at this day, who bow down to the stock of a tree, and worship the host of heaven…Or suppose your lot had fallen among [Muslims]…Nay, you might have fallen into the same land in which your habitation now is, and yet have had no advantage by it as to salvation, if He that chose the bounds of your habitation had not also graciously ‘determined the times’ for you (Acts 17.26). --John Flavel, The Mystery of Providence, 48-50

What "spiritual mercies and advantages" we enjoy here in this nation! We can meet together without fear for preaching and teaching, worship and fellowship. We can own church buildings and Bibles and spiritual books. We can preach the gospel on television, radio and podcasts. We can hold conferences and retreats. We can openly proclaim Jesus Christ without fear of being arrested and tortured.

In North Korea, believers are imprisoned in packing crates for their faith. I once heard about one group of persecuted Christians that met for years in the woods on Sunday morning, with only one chapter from Proverbs to nourish them. I have numerous Bibles in my home and office, and even more numerous books, commentaries, and teachings on CD. I have a Bible program in my computer that contains many Bibles and hundreds of other resources. We have access to the works of the greatest Christians who ever lived.

Let us praise our Lord Jesus for the spiritual mercies and advantages his providence has provided for us in this nation!

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