My Heart Is A Liar, And Yours Is Too


I was recently on the verge of insanity. During my recent hospital stay, I was confined to one room for three consecutive days and nights, and by the end I was on the edge of losing my mind. There's just something about being in the hospital that makes you go slightly crazy. The funny smells, the sterile walls, the dressing gowns that were obviously invented as a joke, and the endless hours of television. One can only take so much. So by the time Friday rolled around I was ready to go home, quite convinced that once I got home I would be happy and content. But now it's Wednesday, and I've come to realize that my heart lied to me. My heart can be just as discontent at home as it can at the hospital. I have to work much harder at home to take care of my family. I don't have nice, motherly nurses waiting on me hand and foot. I can't watch Sportscenter on ESPN because I don't have cable. I'm freshly seeing that contentment is not about circumstances, but about the heart.

The truth is, my heart lied to me about what would make me happy. It told me that a change in circumstances or a change in location would make me happy. But scripture is quite clear that only one thing can satisfy the soul, and that is God Himself. Psalm 16:11 says:
You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Talk about explosive, counter-cultural, life-changing words. In God's presence there is fullness of joy, and at His right hand are pleasures. Throughout my life, my heart has told me that a change in my life would make me happy. Once I get married then I'll be happy. When I'm done with college I'll be happy. When I get a new job I'll be happy. When I retire, I'll finally be happy. It's one wicked lie after another. The truth is, contentment and joy are found in knowing God and being in His presence. Nothing else will ever satisfy my soul.

Are you believing the lies that your heart is telling you? Do you think that once you get married, or have kids, or send your kids to college, or pay off your mortgage, or get a new job, or have a better relationship with your spouse, that you'll finally be happy? It's a lie. Christ is the King of Joy, the only One that will ever satisfy your soul. If you want joy, spend time with Christ. Read and meditate on His words. Pray and ask Him to satisfy your soul. Repent of your discontentment and come once again to the fountain of joy. Join with me today in fighting the lies of discontentment.

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